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Darksun – Shoriyanka

At the dawn of 2023, 5H begins his journey.
The pioneer on our way is the release of “Shoriyanka” from the founders of the label, the Darksun project.
Darksun is a project that started its career in early 2022 with the release of “Cyberlove” on Polyptych Noir. The release was well received, including big names in the industry such as Innellea, Rick Pier O'Neil, Sean & Dee, Ziger, Haze-M, and many more.
“Shoriyanka” is a bright interweaving melodic techno sound and ethnic vocals, recorded in the voice of the project, in the language of an endangered people. The musical basis honors all the trends of modern melodic sounding and successfully creates the desired effect.
The release is supported by a remix from Rafael Cerato in his signature style and with a recognizable undertone, which will not leave you indifferent either.
Don't miss it and have a nice trip with us.

[7:20] 1. Darksun – Shoriyanka (Original Mix)
[6:01] 2. Darksun – Shoriyanka (Rafael Cerato Remix)


Download MP3 / 320 / WEB
Download MP3 / 320 / WEB

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