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Robert Babicz & Ira Ange – Kelch 4

Kelch mastermind and jack-of-all-trades Robert Babicz is back and geared up to take on 2023 head on with the newest addition to his boutique outlet, marking its 4th release. As usual (and expected) he dives deep into antagonisms with his selection, one taking on the light and airy side with Hold On To Me, featuring the heavenly Ira Ange as his companion in sound; a playful, lighthearted song that is sure to be a crossover gem. On the yang to the ying, Angel of Darkness is exactly what you think it is, a raw, dark and hard world, embracing Robert's early roots of warehouse madness and endless nights; a well thought out balance to the lighter side, ultimately bringing a sense of completion and rest to this 4th opus in the Kelch saga.

[3:20] 1. Robert Babicz & Ira Ange – Hold On To Me (Edit)
[7:01] 2. Robert Babicz & Ira Ange – Hold On To Me
[8:23] 3. Robert Babicz – Angel of Darkness


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Download MP3 / 320 / WEB

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