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Sinan & Bruno Cruz & Walaa Sbait – Meet Su'al / Chasing Visions

  • Title: Meet Su'al / Chasing Visions
  • Artist:
  • Label:
  • Catalog: LANG017
  • Released: 26.05.2023
  • Type: EP
  • Genre

SINAN's return to the label after his successful release “Stranger” sees him teaming up with Bruno Cruz, a fellow artist from Haifa known for his electronic, dub, and reggae music styles, as well as his work as producer of “Ministry of Dubkey”. Together, they have created a unique and fresh sound that draws on influences from the Haifa local scene. “Meet Su'al” features electric guitar riffs with dead notes, Middle Eastern acid lines, minimal elements and grooves, making it a perfect club banger. The track also features Walaa Sbait, an artist, singer, and performer known for his successful acts '47 Soul' and 'Ministry of Dubkey' adding unique vocals and another layer of depth to the sound. Meet Su'al explores the confusion and worries of life, as well as the questions that arise when things go wrong.

“Chasing Visions” offers a more optimistic vibe, with a roaring bassline, lush brassy sounds, deep melodic tunes, and optimistic piano chords that make it the perfect soundtrack for a summer day. Overall, the EP is an exciting collaboration that showcases the artistic talent of these two Haifa-based artists, as well as their ability to create music that speaks to the complexities of life.

On remix duties we have MoodFreak again who takes Meet Su'al into even deeper territory. By adding tribalish percussion, an ever modulating 303 bassline and sizzling bass drones he turns the track into a dark dancefloor weapon.

[6:49] 1. Sinan & Bruno Cruz – Chasing Visions
[6:13] 2. Sinan & Bruno Cruz & Walaa Sbait – Meet Su'al
[7:53] 3. Sinan & Bruno Cruz & Walaa Sbait – Meet Su'al (MoodFreak Remix)

Download MP3 / 320 / WEB
Download MP3 / 320 / WEB

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