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VA – Nrgized 100: A Swedish Trance Experience

Dear friends and Trancefamily!

Finally our release nr 100 is here! And wow, what a special one this is!

One of our main goals have always been to provide producers from our home country Sweden with a place to develop and grow their sound… and to release their fantastic trance! As we all know, we have so many amazing established and up-and-coming trance producers here… and now – for release nr 100 – we proudly present an exclusive compilation packed to the max with amazing uplifting sounds, banging tech-trance, emotional melodies, hard kicks, driving basslines, maxed energy, dreamy atmospheres and dark, psy-like sounds… all produced in our beautiful country in the north!

So… prepare for an exceptional and emotional trance-journey with music from top swedish producers Andreas Tillnert, Atteka, Cederquist, Flund, Force Multipliers, Future State, Johan Ekman, Kinnarva, Ocean Of Trance, Robert Lidstroem pres. Terra Cotta, Sacred 7 & Värja and SinSonic!

We really hope you will like this exclusive compilation from Nrgized Audio!

Now, lets turn it up!

01. Andreas Tillnert – Out Of Orbit (Extended Mix) 07:57
02. Atteka – Wanheda (Extended Mix) 07:04
03. Cederquist – Sorgmantel (Original Mix) 07:42
04. Flund – Into The Dark (Original Mix) 04:59
05. Force Multipliers – Closure (Original Mix) 08:00
06. Future State – Aeroflow (Original Mix) 06:57
07. Johan Ekman – Stay You (Original Mix) 08:55
08. Kinnarva – Higher State (Original Mix) 06:11
09. Ocean Of Trance – The Past, The Present & The Future (Original Mix) 08:35
10. Terra Cotta & Robert Lidstroem – Static Void (Original Mix) 07:15
11. Sacred 7 & Varja – You (Original Mix) 07:53
12. SinSonic – Ethereal (Extended Mix) 07:26


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