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VA – Spirit of the Nature

One of the leading and pioneering figures of the Japanese Psychedelic Trance scene, and our label DJ, i-460 has selected 9 cutting edge tracks, produced by the most sought after artists in our scene.
This compilation is a testament to his exquisite taste as a DJ, artist and organizer. Masterfully crafted sonic gems of modern psychedelic music, for the pleasure of fans worldwide, on the dance floors, or at their own favorite spot.
Join us in finding our own inner voice, our spirit inside…
Feel the “Spirit of the Nature”!

1. Faders – Flying Objects (I-460 remix) 8:17
2. Spectra Sonics – Crome 7:54
3. Hypnoise – Zen Samurai 7:06
4. Cylon – Blindfolded Minds 8:38
5. Relativ – Back From Hell 6:08
6. Starlab (IN) – Aatma 6:58
7. Makida – Funk Punk 7:41
8. Fiction (RS) – The Third Eye 9:00
9. Transient Disorder & Space Travellers – Beyond 7:46


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